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Aardman Animations create and shoot another record breaking animation with the Nokia N8

Aardman Animations create and shoot another record breaking animation with the Nokia N8

Nokia has teamed up with Aardman Animations Wallace and Gromit Chicken Run and Flushed Away once again to…

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Samsung Galaxy Note UK release date

Samsung Galaxy Note UK release date

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LG mobile phone roadmap leaks

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No Nokia N9 for UK?

No Nokia N9 for UK?

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1. Apple iPhone 3GS 3.6 1117  
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3. Apple iPhone 4 3.1 362  
4. Samsung S8000 Jet 2.9 367  
5. Samsung Galaxy S 2.9 389  
6. Nokia N8 2.9 371  
7. Samsung Galaxy S2 2.9 257  
8. BlackBerry Bold 9000 2.8 517  
9. LG KP500 Cookie 2.8 369  
10. Nokia 5230 2.8 411  

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iClothing – iPad compatible clothing

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Apple iPad is launching in the UK this Friday (28th May 2010), with Apple stores opening at 8am, we are very excited.

But how do you take your iPad with you, wherever you go? It is quite big and won't fit into trouser pockets, fortunately an Australian company has the solution – iClothing.

The iClothing range features the iTee and iDress. The t-shirts and dresses come with a reinforced padded pouch, sewn onto the front of the t-shirt or dress, much like a kangaroo pouch. The pouches can store an iPad, and is said to be comfortable.

Its a good idea, but we are unsure how practicable or fashionable it might be, if you own one of these let us know what they are like to wear.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

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